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the human behind the canvas & the machine

Hi, I am Alina

founder of AH Shop and a Berlin-based artist and designer.

I created AH Shop, to help you fill your space with joy, let your walls tell stories, and to give your guests and visitors something to remember. Our art and home accessories are designed to bring a touch of magic into your everyday life.

Discover our latest collections

Fairy Tale

Reconnect with your inner child, through my Fairytale Art Print collection. The prints are a contemporary take on mythology and folklore, featuring characters from existing and imaginary fairytales. Each character is a reminder to never lose a sense of awe and wonder and always chose discovery and adventure.

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Robot Elves

Robot Elves are fancy creatures that combine art and technology. Their fashionable outfits feature traditional Gzhel patterns, lace, beads, and gold. The elves are gentle and friendly, they love music and brunches. They like fancy interiors but also give boho ones an unexpected touch. They are excited to be your new futuristic roommates.

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"Crystals" - a stunning art print collection that captures the essence of otherworldly beauty. Each print in this collection features an unusual and mesmerizing frozen flower, encased in a crystal-like structure that glimmers with an otherworldly light. These flowers seem to come from a world beyond our own, with mesmerizing colors and shapes.

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European Film Awards



Custom art and design for your business, venue and events

In addition to the existing collections, we offer a bespoke service for those who want something truly unique and tailored to their specific needs. Visit Alina Holtmann Studio to get familiar with our graphic design services. 

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